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Connecting The Marketing Industry

Founded in 2013, the LeadCloud platform connects over 700 of the top brands together every day processing close to 1 Million transactions per day. The LeadCloud Marketplace provides a self-service platform to allow new connections instantly.

For Buyers

Buying is Easy as 1-2-3:
Fund your account, choose your Sources, 3rd Party Services, Bid Price, and Posting Destination, and Boom! Leads/Calls/Clicks start flowing

For Sellers & Service Providers

The Marketplace brings new customers to your door instantly, with no sales, marketing, or integration costs.  If you are a Seller or Service Provider of data leads, calls, or clicks who would like to participate in our platform, simply shoot a note to Support@LeadCloud.us and we’ll get you setup.

Private Marketplaces

Our Marketplace Platform currently supports Private Marketplaces.  If you would like more information on how you can customize a Private Marketplace for only you and your selected buyers, sellers, and service providers, just send us a request to Support@LeadCloud.us.